Quests que dão stats points extras (e outras coisas)

Quests principais – Revelações: 3 stats points cada
[lvl21][Crystal Mines 3F] ~ Mysterious Slate(1)
[lvl48][Tenet Church 2F] ~ The Hidden Sanctum’s Revelation(1)
[lvl64][Kvailas Forest] ~ To Goddess Saule
[lvl94][Royal Mausoleum 5F] ~ The King of the Great Humans
[lvl100][Seir Rainforest] ~ The Goddess’ Hidden Message
[lvl126][Mage Tower 5F] ~ Goddess Gabija
[lvl145][Grand Corridor] ~ The Bishop’s Last Mission(2)
[lvl272][Investigation Room] ~ The Revelation of Kalejimas
[lvl347][Valandis Room 91] ~ The Clown from the Closing Show
[lvl386][Astral Tower 21F] ~ The Final Battle(7)

Grand Corridor and Mage Tower questlines also give a Stat Point Potion, that gives +1 stat point when used.

To unlock the Legend Card slot, you need to complete all revelation quests (except the Astral Tower one), and you also need to complete this questline, that even though it gives a revelation, it doesn’t give stat points:

[lvl214][Fortress Battlegrounds] ~ Revelation of Fortress of the Land ~ Questline starts at Inner Enceinte District

Pontos Extras:
[lvl96][Stele Road][1 stat] ~ Protect the Heritage(2)
[lvl96][Stele Road][1 stat] ~ Ruklys’ Inheritance
[lvl99][Goddess’ Ancient Garden][1 stat] ~ Astral Tracing(6)
[lvl103][Escanciu Village][1 stat] ~ Flurry’s Epitaphs(6)
[lvl107][Fedimian Suburbs][1 stat] ~ Old Story(7) ~ This quest doesn’t give you the stat point directly, it gives an item called “Zubeck’s Secret Moves”, that when used, gives +1 stat point
[lvl335][Epherotao Coast][2 stats] ~ The Goddess’ Reply ~ Questline Starts at Zeteor Coast, but has pre-requisites quests at Igti Coast
[lvl357][Narvas Temple Annex][1 stat] ~ Long Dreams are Dreamt at Narvas Temple(2) ~ Questline starts at Tekel Shelter
[lvl398][Outer Wall District 13][3 stats] ~ Last Man Standing
[lvl415][Southern Parias Forest][3 stats] ~ Swore to Protect(11) ~ Questline starts at Northern Parias Forest
[lvl431][Tvirtumas Fortress][3 stats] ~ Root of the Divine Tree(7) ~ Questline starts at Frienel Memorial
[lvl446][Path of Desition][3 stats] ~ Dusk and Dawn(5) ~ Questline starts at Frienel Memorial

+1 STR:
[lvl113][Mage Tower 4F] ~ Crafting and Materials
[lvl235][Igti Coast] ~ Ceremony for the Goddess
[lvl278][Khonot Forest] ~ To Restore the Honor of the Hero
[lvl381][Starry Town] ~ Remnants of the Past

+1 CON:
[lvl52][Seven Valley Mission] ~ Not Able to Meet Again
[lvl176][Istora Ruins] ~ Collecting Research
[lvl384][Feline Post Town] ~ The Closing Dragnet(5)

+1 INT:
[lvl1][King’s Plateau] ~ Historian Colin’s Favor
[lvl169][Spring Light Woods] ~ Destroyed Seal Tower(2)
[lvl325][Yudejan Forest] ~ A Story of Demons and Goddessed(3)
[lvl387][Spell Tome Town] ~ The City Under Threat(3)

+1 SPR:
[lvl123][Sunset Flag Forest] ~ A Soldier’s Mission
[lvl163][Demon Prison District 5] ~ The Dimensional Crack(7)
[lvl308][Zima Suecourt] ~ Back in Time(7) ~ Completing this questline also gives access to the lvl330 Former Fantasy Library Raid

+1 DEX:
[lvl111][Crystal Mine Lot 2 – 1F] ~ Open Sesame(2)
[lvl301][Tevhrin Cave 5F] ~ The Goddess’ Sacrifice(2)
[lvl313][Ghibulinas Forest] ~ Marks of a Legend(12)

Quests que dão outros stats:
[lvl81][Royal Mausoleum 4F][+50 HP] ~ Opportunity and Preparration
[lvl27][Nefritas Cliff][+20 SP] ~ Proving Skills
[lvl109][Owl Burial Ground][+20 SP, pink hair color] ~ Owl Burial Ground Test
[lvl121][Fedimian][+20 SP] ~ Failure and Success

[lvl1][Ramstis Ridge][Inv Weight +100] ~ Messenger’s Suspicious favor
[lvl1][Highlander’s Training Room][Inv Weight +100] ~ Repair the Practice Wooden Seal(2)
[lvl99][Goddess’ Ancient Garden][Inv Weight +50] ~ Astral Tracing(5)
[lvl107][Fedimian Suburbs][Inv Weight +100] ~ Brother, Then
[lvl115][Akmens Ridge][Inv Weight +100] ~ Hidden and Hidden Again
[lvl119][Mage Tower 3F][Inv Weight +50] ~ Immobile Security Device
[lvl130][Klaipeda][Inv Weight +100] ~ Each Step United
[lvl191][Underground Grave of Ritinis][Inv Weight +100] ~ Object Left by the Master

[lvl1][Overlong Bridge Valley][STA +5] ~ Mercenary Lindt’s Favor
[lvl98][Nefritas Cliff][STA +5] ~ The One Who Experinced Death
[lvl103][West Siaulai Woods][STA +5] ~ Military Support
[lvl119][Mage Tower 5F][STA +5] ~ The Wizard and the Mage Tower(2)

Quests que dão Practonium:
[lvl327][Mishekan Forest][Mystical Cube gives 1x Pract] ~ Forgotten Refugees
[lvl378][Frienel Memorial][2x Practs] ~ The Fugutive’s Dream(8)

Quests que dão títulos: 
Format of this title list is [Map][Title] ~ Quest
[Tiltas Valley][The Greatest Heir] ~ Ardor for Study(2)
[Tenants’ Farm][Tenant’s Friend] ~ Completed Preparations
[Escanciu Village][Epigraphist] ~ Flurry’s Epitaphs(6)
[Saknis Plains][Philipas’ Honorable Soldier] ~ Where are the Supply Troops(3)
[Sunset Flag Forest][Sunset Flag Bearer] ~ The End of Gaigalas
[Shaton Reservoir][Purifying Mediator] ~ Just the Beginning
[Fortress Battlegrounds][Maker of History] ~ Notable Grave Robbers and Adventurers(?)
[Owl Burial Ground][Burial Ground Itinerant] ~ Owl Burial Ground Test(The same quest that unlocks pink hair color and gives +20 SP)
[Orsha][True Companion] ~ My Precious Friend(2)(Requires a pet to start)
[Klaipeda][Disciple of the Great Problem Solver] ~ The Great Problem Solver(5)
[Novaha Assembly Hall][Novaha Mourner] ~ Remembering the Victims(2)
[Mesafalsa][Shinobi Seeker] ~ A Request from the Shinobi Master (Requires Shinobi to be unlocked)
[Goddess’ Ancient Garden][Rune Interpreter] ~ Rune Tombstone (Requires Runecaster to be unlocked)
[Passage of the Recluse][Trumpet Playing Traveller] ~ Appease the Divine Spirit (Requires Miko to be unlocked)
[Dvasia Peak][Divine Materials Supplier] ~ The Chaplain Master’s Errand (Requires you to do the Chaplain hidden quest so that the master appears at Dvasia Peak)
[Uskis Arable Land][Maximum Endurance] ~ Angry Bees(2)
[Coastal Fortress][Fellow Aching Traveler] ~ It’s Alright
[Elgos Abbey Main Building][Savior of Elgos Abbot] ~ For Total Freedom(2)
[Investigation Room][Sacred Calling] ~ Will Not Forget
[Tevhrin Cave 5F][Witness of Sacrifice] ~ Her Last Words
[Starry Town][Wastrel Slayer] ~ Investigate the Magic Research Facility
[Frienel Memorial][Asiomage Slayer] ~ Fruit of Vengeance
[Southern Parias Forest][Kartas’ Worst Enemy] ~ Swore to Protect(11)(same quest that gives +3 stat points)
[Path of Desition][Laima’s Savior] ~ Dusk and Dawn(5)
Also worth noting you get 1 title for each Episode you complete, for a total of 14 extra titles.


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